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30 May 2013 4 comments

My girlfriend Tracey said in a recent blog post of hers "using sex toys is normal and healthy and can play a role in making women happier and more sexually satisfied". This isn't a revelation for me! I learnt when I was in my 20's that the introduction and use of sex toys in a relationship is not only a lot of exciting fun but it's also great foreplay.

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23 May 2013 3 comments

Calvista, Australia and NZ's largest wholesaler of sex toys and adult pleasure products, has sold over 250,000 We-Vibes since 2008! The We-Vibe has evolved over the last 5 years from the original version to versions 2 and 3. We-Vibe have recently launched the Thrill. Yes, the We-Vibe is revolutionary...and its sales are certainly 'thrilling' to say the least!

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16 May 2013 1 comment

At AdultEx a couple of weeks ago I managed to steal Chad away from his Doc Johnson stand for a few minutes to have a coffee and get the inside scoop of what it's like to be the head man, along with his father Ron, of one of the largest sex toy companies in the US.

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9 May 2013 2 comments

How does a young portfolio manager at a NY hedge fund get inspired by his Brazilian girlfriend, of the moment, to start up a sex toy company? And how has it become so successful that he has lost track of how many industry awards the company has won?

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2 May 2013 11 comments

Who wouldn't want to spend 3 days checking out the latest sex toys from around the world?

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