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9 April 2015 2 comments

Those who went to see the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation expecting seductive and titillating scenes of hot kinky sex would have been sorely disappointed! Many of the 100 million readers of the trilogy referred to the books as 'mommy porn' although the general consensus of film goers was that the porn scenes were yawn-worthy. Whilst there were a number of semi saucy nude scenes I don't actually believe they could really be described as porn. Given the film was released on Valentine's Day in the US it was clearly pitched as romance in contrast to porn.

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26 March 2015 6 comments

A couple of months ago The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a report that concluded the female erogenous zone, known as the G-spot, doesn't exist. After reading exerts from the report I was left bewildered and confused! Whilst it's somewhat hard to challenge the results of a report compiled by academics and medical practitioners I find it difficult to assimilate their conclusion in relation to the existence of the G-spot. I think they're ignorant, naive and wrong!

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12 March 2015 2 comments

These days it's rare for me to come across new sex toys that are truly innovative and revolutionary. Whilst I regularly travel internationally to trade shows scouting for new products it's seldom that I discover any that leave me excited about their potential for sales. So when I received an email from a friend who distributes sex toys in Germany detailing the overwhelming sales success (they sold over 12,000 in the first 7 weeks) of a new product called the Womanizer my attention was piqued.

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26 February 2015 7 comments

Imagine the surprise of a naive 21 year old woman who unwrapped a Xmas present and realised it was her first vibrator? This is how Mia, our Sales Manager at, was introduced to sex toys. At the time she was shocked and confused. Her first thought after opening her gift was that her husband didn't want to have sex with her anymore. And she dreaded answering the questions from her parents and friends as to what she'd received for Xmas. Fast forward two decades – what's changed?

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12 February 2015 17 comments

At a dinner party I recently hosted there was some heated debate on what was considered a 'normal' looking vagina. What started the light hearted hostilities was a comment from a female guest. Returning from the bathroom she'd decided to study one of the erotic art works adorning my apartment walls. With a look of abhorrence she stormed back to the table and expressed her displeasure regarding a large canvas of two naked women. As far as she was concerned one of the women looked gross and abnormal because the inner lips of her vagina (her labia minora) were rather pronounced.

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29 January 2015 6 comments

My summer vacation this year saw me travelling to Yallingup, then half way around the world to Los Angeles and New York. And it was in LA that the subject of a close friend's impending buck's party came up. I'm in the wedding party with three other groomsmen. We have until September to mastermind the buck's party of all buck's parties! It's traditional that men who are getting married have one last hoorah with the boys before they tie the knot. And the hopefully once in a lifetime event is a rite of passage!

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27 November 2014 6 comments

When I recently canvassed the opinions of some of the female staff at in relation to what the etiquette was for women's orgasm I wasn't really surprised with their responses (nor their frowns). All believed there was no such etiquette required and that they should orgasm whenever the opportunity arose without any considerations whatsoever. I then asked a few guys at my local gym (over pre workout double espressos) what they thought about a woman's orgasm etiquette. The first two guys, who clearly had a sense of humour, responded with a question - "can women actually orgasm?" The next couple of guys were more insightful and gave me some food for thought.

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13 November 2014 7 comments

When and where men ejaculate are important considerations. No woman wants to experience the hair gel look that Cameron Diaz displayed in the hit movie There's Something About Mary. And most women don't like a surprise when it comes to a man's orgasm.

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23 October 2014 8 comments

It makes me cringe when saying that most men are foolish when it comes to their policy regarding condom use. They simply don't want to use them and will avoid them whenever they can. Why? It's because they decrease sexual pleasure for the man (and sometimes for the woman if lubricant isn't also used). And they can inhibit a man's sexual performance. Neither is palatable!

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9 October 2014 4 comments

"Malcolm – Laters Baby E.L. James X". Lying up on my sun-deck last Saturday afternoon I received a message from a friend of mine (Rob Godwin) who distributes the Fifty Shades of Grey of adult products in Australia. Rob supplies us with these products to sell at He'd had lunch earlier in London with Erika Leonard (pen name E.L. James and author of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy) where she signed all three books for me with her now infamous line 'laters baby'. Given I enjoyed reading the books I'm quite thrilled to have autographed copies.

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