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Automatic Rock Hard Pump

Magnificent results are just the push of a button away!

Add more meat to your manhood with magnum-sized results that you can measure and admire with the fully Automatic Rock Hard Pump from Cal Exotics!

No squeezing, no pumping – just press the button and this brilliant, durable and effective penis pump will produce superior suction that instantly increases length and girth! Boasting a detachable connector made from sturdy ABS plastic, a flexible PVC hose, and a flanged base that can be used with or without its tapered silicone sleeve, this fully automatic penis pump is so simple and effective it can easily be operated with just one hand!

Outstanding suction!
American Pumpers Association

Compact and quiet, the Automatic Rock Hard Pump is operated by 2 x AA Alkaline batteries and features an automatic release button. With new and improved suction, it not only promotes lengthening and thickening of your most prized possession, it also increases your stamina between the sheets and produces powerful erections for enhanced sexual performance.

Simply apply some lube to both the flared base of the cylinder and to your jiggle-y bits. Place the cylinder over your penis until the mouth of the tube is firmly up against your body. (To avoid having your coconuts sucked into the tube, pull down on your scrotum as you pump and until the seal is established in the cylinder.) Now begin pumping until you achieve your desired glory pole growth.

Length: 19.5cm, 6cm
Manufacturer: CalExotics
Material: ABS Plastic, PVC, Silicone
Warranty: 30 days
Width: 6cm
Product ID: 1571820004
Price: $99.95
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Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Mr Happy - 30s, Hooked Up 22/10/2013 Rating: 8 out of 10
I have used this pump for a while now and it is great value for money Having a powered pump is a great advantage and the measurement on the tube is very handy there is no gauge so make sure you do not over pump if it hurts you went to far If you do over pump it does have a release valve As with all exercise the more you do it the better the result remember to have rest days My wife thinks its great and has noticed a difference especially in regards to the girth of my penis and loves it
Dotted Line
Reviewer: Lucky Phil - 30s, Exploring for the First Time, Hooked Up, No kids 04/12/2009 Rating: 7 out of 10
The first thing you notice is that there are no instructions or recommendations for use. So lube it up, put it in and turn it on! It's a little bit scary at first as the pump just keeps going and can't really be regulated, so you'll think that you're going to burst and it's a little bit uncomfortable. The immediate benefits are obvious but best results will be from extended daily use. PS. Make sure your hands aren't too lubed so that you can't turn the pump switch off!

Customer Question & Answer
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Submitted 09/01/2012 by Arthur
Q: I had my prostate out a couple of years ago and I have to use a needle for my erections; will this product replace the needle?
A: Many men will find it difficult to get or keep an erection at some time in their lives. The occasional let-down though is different from having erection problems most of the time. If you are regularly unable to gain or maintain an erection, you may have the medical condition that ...
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Dotted Line
Submitted 02/02/2010 by Jim
Q: Can you tell me the size of this and the other penis pumps surely this is the most important thing.
A: The cylinder of the Automatic Rock Hard Pump is 19.5cm in length and 6cm (across) in width.  If you click on the "More Info" tab beside the "Description" tab for individual products, you'll find the measurements for each toy there. Because our penis pumps feature flexible and superior seals, whether you’re looking ...
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Submitted 20/01/2010 by Shane
Q: If you use a penis pump does your thickness and length stay permanent or do you have to pump it each and every time you want a bigger, thicker penis?
A: Penis pumps such as the Automatic Rock Hard Pump are like a gym workout for your favourite tool, increasing length and girth with every session.  For long term enlargement however, you'll need to maintain a regular pumping routine for about six months if you want to see results. After approximately three ...
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Submitted 30/11/2009 by Angrej
Q: My penis is small and i wish to make it large and thick. Can you tell me it has any side effects or not? And can you tell me if it will increase my power during sex?
A: Penis pumps work on the principle of vacuum aspiration. As the air is suctioned out of the cylinder covering your shaft and a vacuum is created, your penis gets pulled into the cylinder and extra blood rushes into the erectile tissue creating greater than average engorgement – the same process involved ...
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