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Cock Rings has cock rings in all sizes, shapes and colours, ranging from traditional no-fuss steel and studded leather cock rings through to rubber rings with vibrating stimulators for dual satisfaction, to deluxe varieties that ring the cock as well as the balls and titillate with a vibrating bullet! But with so many different cock rings available, how do you choose the cock ring that’s right for you? It all depends on what you want your ring to do for you! For example, if you’re looking for a ring to keep you rock solid and prolong the point of no return, then you’ll want one that allows blood to flow into your erection, but not out again!

Cock rings are no modern invention! In fact, in ancient China, it was common for a man to prolong his erection by wearing a “happy ring” made from a goat’s eyelid (I kid you not) around his less than impressive schlong. After the animal was killed, its eyelids were removed (with the eyelashes left intact) and dried with quick-lime, then steamed in a bamboo basket for twelve hours before being tied around the base of his shaft to keep him hard and with the eyelashes providing an extra “tickle” for his China doll!

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from those thirteenth century days, with cock rings now available in a myriad of materials, including plastic, silicone, metal and leather. A great sex toy for solo or partnered play; a cock ring (also known as a penis ring) is typically worn around the base of the shaft close to the scrotum, allowing blood to flow into your erection, but not out again, which keeps you harder – and for longer!

Why is it so
The penis is made up of more than just man meat! It also houses three squishy tube structures dense with blood vessels that allow for the engorgement of blood. When the penis is flaccid, these terrific little tubes are collapsed; but during sexual arousal they expand and fill with blood. Muscles around the veins at the base of the shaft then contract to limit the amount of blood that’s able to leave your dick and… Voila! You’ve got an erection!

Willy, won’t he
Its normal to get harder, softer, really hard, even harder, sort of medium soft, almost lose it, then get really hard again before you orgasm! The amount of blood in the penis affects how hard you are and it’s driven by arousal. You don’t stay at exactly the same level of excitement during a sex session, so it’s logical that your penis won’t either!

Many men will find it difficult to get or keep an erection at some time in their lives. The occasional let-down is different from having erection problems most of the time though. If the problem’s not permanent then you have a few options for getting your woody back, including wearing a penis ring when you play.

Pick a style, any style
Vibrating cock rings are an excellent addition to your feats between the sheets! Not only do they keep you harder – and for longer, they also give your girl an extra kick on her clit, resulting in earth-shaking orgasms for two! Try experimenting with how and where you wear your penis ring, including pointing the vibrating bullet down towards your family jewels to deliver delicious vibration to YOUR bangers as well as her juicy bits!

An adjustable cock ring is a great idea for beginners because it's not only easy to put on, but it can also be removed in a snap. Look for lasso-style love rings boasting fully adjustable plastic beads which make it easy to loosen or tighten the tension on your love tornado.

And if you’re wearing your ring to look hot and ready for sex, and intend on keeping it on your todger for longer, then you should look for a ring made from metal, acrylic, or hard plastic that will provide a firm hold, without boa-constricting the vessels. Cock rings made from leather look the part and create one hell-ova sexy package! Most leather rings are adjustable too using metal snaps or buckles, so you get the best of both worlds when you wear one of these rings - think of them as form and function in one.

Get it on, then get off!
So now you’ve found the cock ring that’s right for you, how on earth do you get it on? Putting on a cock ring is almost as easy as pulling on a pair of socks - simply follow these tips and tricks to putting on your penis ring and you’ll be seconds away from a rock hard erection:

Prep your gear
Do what you need to do to perk up your penis… masturbate, fantasize, or girls - give the man a hand - as cock rings are easier to put on if you're semi-erect. And dry your hands before putting on the ring. You don’t want to lose your grip and have it snap your dick like a rubber band.

Lube up
If you're using a stretchy ring, you should start out by applying lubricant – and lots of it – to your shaft and balls, so that the ring can be moved into position more comfortably. Some rubbery materials have a love affair with hair, so to avoid having your pubes yanked, make sure your genitals are well lubricated! has all your lubricant needs covered with both silicone lubricants and water-based lubricants available, as well as thicker lubricants with a desensitizer in the formula to make easing into anal more comfortable.

Location, location, location
Simply stretch the ring with your index and ring fingers (like you would a rubber band), and then pull it over and around your penis, bringing it underneath and behind the balls, then back towards your body. Carefully relax the tension, letting the ring slowly contract until it is back to its original size so that it binds the area securely. Now, remove your fingers, and you're done! If you've got a solid cock ring, first pull the loose skin of your scrotum through the ring, and then drop one testicle after the other in, finishing with a final flourish of your penis folded in through the ring pointing downwards.

Make a statement
Get into the fantasy surrounding your cock ring. Whether you're showing off a festive adornment as part of a striptease, wearing it under your clothes to show off your package, or telling your lover you're proud to be submissive by wearing a locking cock ring, play up the erotic potential of your toy.

Care down there
Whoa there, stud! Although we're sure yours is up there with John Holmes and Ron Jeremy, we can assure you that most silicone and rubber o-rings will stretch to accommodate even the largest of Johnson’s. Like condoms, there’s always room for more! Regardless of how and where you choose to wear your cock ring, for your safety and pleasure, it needs to be a comfortable fit. At the first sign of any numbness, discoloration, coldness or pain, you should immediately remove the ring.

When you wear a cock ring, your erection will be enhanced, but you should notice only a slight variation from your normal rock-hard appearance. If you see more pronounced swelling, then the fit is too tight and again, you should immediately remove the ring. And please, please remember to remove the ring before you fall asleep - when spontaneous erections are all the rage! An erection lasting several hours can cause blood coagulation in the penis, which can be severely painful and cause damage to the erectile tissue as well. If this happens to you, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and don't worry — the staff at the emergency room is guaranteed to have seen this before.

Made to measure pleasure
Cock rings aren’t just for penis packing! They can also be a great addition to your sex play every day when you use your imagination! Cock rings for example can up the ante on non-vibrating dildos and dongs. Simply stretch your cock ring over your plastic fantastic sex toy for instant vibration and the ultimate in sensation, bringing your new best friend to teasing and tantalizing life! has a great range of dongs and dildos that can really shake your world with the addition of a vibrating cock ring – make sure you check them out before you leave our online store today!
Tom of Finland

Silicone Support Rings (Set of 3)
Maintaining your massive man meat has never been safer – or easier - with these superior Silicone Penis Rings from California Exotics! Take your love making to the next level with these hypo-allergenic, hygienic, boilable, bleachable AND dishwasher-safe silicone penis rings in three sizes: medium, large and extra large!
ON SALE Was $14.95 Now $9.95
Product ID: 1670750004
Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone 3 Ring Stamina Set
Be bigger, stronger, harder and longer lasting with the Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone 3 Ring Stamina Set. This set is complete with three strong, stretchy rings in graduating sizes of 3, 4 & 5 cms in diameter. Made from premium, smooth and rigid silicone, this trio is the perfect selection to help you achieve maximum potential!
ON SALE Was $14.95 Now $8.95
Product ID: 2730360130
Silicone Stud Lasso Cock Ring
Yee-haw ride him cowgirl! The Silicone Stud Lasso Cock Ring from California Exotics is a lariat-style cock ring for cowboys who want a rock hard cock down on the ranch! Made from safe and sure, superior grade silicone, this fully adjustable cock ring will keep your man meat under control with a silicone shank to tighten the tension!
ON SALE Was $14.95 Now $9.95
Product ID: 1670700009
Dorcel Luxury Collection Adjustable Cock Ring
Made from 100% silicone, this ingenious cock ring is effortlessly adjustable for your superior comfort and satisfaction. Simply perk up your penis to a semi-erect state, and then wrap the ribbed band around your schlong to keep it long! By pulling the ribbed ring through its silicone sheath, the ring can be easily and effortlessly secured.
ON SALE Was $24.95 Now $9.95
Product ID: 1686680005
Tower of Power Cock Ring Set
Make your lover shake and quiver with the Tower Of Power Cock Ring Set! Boasting six uniquely designed jelly pleasure rings to give your mate a new sensation every time! Each fabulously soft and squishy ring is super stretchy, accommodating even the biggest of boys…or toys!
ON SALE Was $24.95 Now $15.95
Product ID: 1509790003
Screaming O The RingO Rangler Cannonball
Keep your erection harder, longer and stronger with the RingO Rangler Cannonball. This super-stretchy erection ring will keep him harder longer with a fuller erection, for mind-blowing orgasms and help prevent premature ejaculation.
Product ID: 2520090031
Speed Shift Ultimate Cock Ring
Never worry about ill-fitting cock rings again with the Speed Shift Ultimate Cock Ring! With an adjustable quick release tab and seventeen (thirteen readily usable) different size adjustments - you will never have to worry about this ring not fitting.
ON SALE Was $19.95 Now $13.95
Product ID: 1838540563
Adonis Caesar Silicone Penis Ring
Maintaining your massive man meat has never been safer – with the superior Adonis Caesar Silicone Penis Ring from California Exotics! Take your love making to the next level with this hypo-allergenic, hygienic, boilable, bleachable AND dishwasher-safe silicone penis ring that stretches comfortably to fit even the biggest of boys.
ON SALE Was $14.95 Now $10.95
Product ID: 1670640008
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