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Welcome to Sex Toys’s Sex Toys store boasts an incredible range of adult toy box faves, including strap ons, dildos and dongs, orgasm balls, penis rings, anal beads and probes, dolls, penis pumps, erection enhancers, sex novelties and more! Sex toys have been spicing up our sex lives for centuries - since humans began experimenting with sex in fact! And while sex toys used to be simple insertion objects, many of today’s sex toys make the most of modern technology with battery operated bits that wiggle, turn, twist and vibrate as well! Discover what the buzz is all about with our exciting range of adults only sex toys including all the latest and greatest strap ons, dildos and dongs, orgasm balls and more and you’ll not only up the orgasmante but you’ll learn a lesson in love with! So how do you go about choosing a sex toy that’s right for you? Well, if you’re a virgin toy buyer, we’ve got a few handy hints to help you choose your new plastic fantastic friend.

What floats your boat
Firstly, think about what kind of stimulation you're looking for. Vibrations feel so good against your skin because they increase blood flow to that area and boost its sensitivity – be it the nape of your neck, that super-sensitive bit between your partner’s bum and balls, or your clit. But, as with all sex play, penetration is only part of the story, so do your homework and think about what kind of stimulation you want - clitoral, penile, vaginal or anal, and whether you want an 'innie' toy - something to insert into a specific orifice - or an 'outie' toy, something general that can be used all over (but especially where it feels the nicest).

And remember, when you first try masturbating with a sex toy, you might be surprised at how intense, forceful and incredibly long your orgasms are… You’ve entered a whole new world of pleasure, so get ready for the ride of your life!

Pleasuring your pelvic floor
Sexual health and wellness is just as important to your general health, wealth and happiness as diet and exercise! But a satisfying sex life doesn’t just happen – it takes some work! Your pelvic floor is a group of hammock-like muscles (also known as your PC muscles) that support your internal organs. But your PC muscles also have a friskier function: they're the muscles responsible for the contractions you feel during orgasm! To make your Kegel exercising feel more “natural” though, you might like to invest in a set of Kegel exercisers known as Orgasm Balls. Our Orgasm Balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, Love Balls, Duo Balls, Geisha Balls and Smart Balls, come in a variety of sizes and are made from a range of materials. Some are weighted so you can “tease as you tone” and others come complete with a handy retrieval cord to make removing them a breeze.

It’s the number one selling male sex toy in the world! That's right! Almost four million men across the globe love the real feel of the Fleshlight’s inner texture – some say it’s even better than the real deal! Made from the softest, most pliable material on the market today, the Fleshlight is more than just sex in a can - it’s a penetration sensation housed in a discrete plastic case that resembles an ordinary utility flashlight when not in use keeping it safe and away from prying eyes – perfect if you live in shared accommodation! The Fleshlight is available with three different orifices: a butt, a pussy and a mouth – with mildly-scented flesh coloured or transparent sleeves boasting super tight, textured love tunnels.

Easing into Anal
Most anal toys have been designed for beginners and are a great way to experience anal play for the first time. Always use toys with a flared base or wide handle so they don’t get lost in the rectum. This one is pretty self-explanatory - you'd be pretty miserable if you lost something up there! Anal toys with a graduated or tapered tip are also ideal for going up the dirt road as they make insertion much, much easier. has a great range of plugs, beads, dongs and dildos to arouse and excite anal amateurs and officiardos alike.

Penis Pumps
So it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean, right boys? Wrong! If size really doesn’t matter, then why are there a thousand different dildo shapes and sizes on the market today, many of them much longer and larger than your average weed whacker? It’s no wonder penis pumps are such a popular item these days! Pumping for penis enlargement (or simply pumping for pleasure) is the perfect pastime for a bloke who wants to enjoy greater glory pole growth.

The science bit
Finally, when purchasing a new buddy, you should consider the material your sex toy is made from – it’s almost as important as the toy itself. Sex toy materials will affect your orgasm, meaning the difference between so-so and oh-my-god-here-we-go…! With that in mind, here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular sex toy materials, what they’re good for, and how they’ll make you feel…and cum:

The world’s most popular sex toy material, jelly is used to make different versions of practically every sex toy on the planet! It’s been used in sex toy manufacturing for decades and with good reason: it’s inexpensive, it’s colourful and it makes playing with sex toys and vibrators loads of fun! Jelly vibes also tend to be a lot warmer to the touch than some other materials. However, some jelly vibrators may contain rubber softeners, such as phthalates, so you should always use a condom with jelly toys for safer play and easier clean up.

Much like jelly, silicone warms up quickly and retains heat well, but it’s much more flexible and is also non-porous which means that vibrators made of silicone generally don't absorb dirt or lubricant and can be cleaned quickly and easily with hot water and a specially formulated vibe cleaner or antibacterial wipe. Silicone toys readily transmit vibrations so the motors in these toys feel stronger, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck with these beauties. You’ll get more mileage from your silicone vibe if you use a lubricant when you play, however silicone-based lubes should NOT be used with toys made from silicone as they’ll make the material deteriorate, causing cracking and peeling of your toy’s super soft surface. When in doubt as to what type of material your toy is made of, always use a water-based lubricant.

Realistic materials such as Cyberskin, Futurotic, Soft Touch and RealSkin are very soft, warm and smooth to the touch. They’re also the most realistic dongs and dildo materials on the market today! “Real feel” materials are extremely porous, much like rubber and jelly so they need to be cared for carefully. You should wash your CyberSkin vibe with warm water and a very mild antibacterial soap (or better still - no soap at all), rinse it with clean hot water and pat it dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. You must NOT clean your “real feel” toys with alcohol or ammonia-based cleansers as they will destroy the surface of your toy and you should steer clear of harsh soaps and detergents for this reason too. Once your toys are completely dry, sprinkle them with “renewing powder” or cornstarch. Never use talcum powder or baby powder as these products can cause irritation, particularly to a girl’s sensitive bits!

Plastic and acrylic vibes usually have hard surfaces and are generally smooth, but they may also be fluted or textured, depending upon the toy. Hard plastic transmits vibrations easily, leading to powerful sensations and super hot orgasms. Plastic and acrylic sex toys are also the easy clean alternatives, as they can be washed with an antibacterial soap in warm water, and are generally whiff-free as they contain none of those dangerous phthalates often used to soften PVC.

Rubber and Latex
Rubber can be pretty tough stuff, but it’s also relatively inexpensive, versatile and very resilient (unlike silicone, it won’t shudder at the site of your long fingernails and is less likely to crack if it’s dropped)! As befits such a tough customer, rubber vibrators tend to come in basic black or flesh colouring. A lot of anal toys are made from latex as well. Toys made from these materials are extremely porous so be sure to wash them thoroughly with an antibacterial soap in warm water and then rinse thoroughly to ensure no traces of soap remain. They should also be given a quick antibacterial spray or wipe, ideally a non alcohol based cleanser as these cleansers will not irritate or harm your skin if absorbed into your toy. While it's a good idea to use a condom with any insertable toy, it’s an especially good idea with these materials, and an absolute MUST if you’re sharing them between partners.

There are some vibrators that have a hard plastic shell which is then covered in a softer material like silicone or jelly rubber. These vibrators often have the benefit of strength with the softer feel which some people prefer.

There aren’t as many metal sex toys on the market as there are jelly toys, but if you’re into seriously powerful sex, or if you’re an S&M queen, metal is the perfect choice for your sex toy material! The hardness of metals like gold, titanium, and aluminium makes it easy for vibrations to be transmitted, meaning more intense sensations and more powerful orgasms all round! Toys made from these materials also have a weight to them which can be very pleasurable when used for penetration, and the material makes the vibration resonate in a different fashion, which is noticeable when using it. Metal toys also cool down and warm up quickly, adding another element to the sensation and metal is one of the least porous materials which means it’s less likely to cause allergies or transfer germs.

The last word

The most important rule of thumb when choosing and using a sex toy is to experiment and HAVE FUN! There are millions of ways to enjoy sex toys – in fact you're only limited by your imagination! By testing different toys, trying out different speeds, positions and types you can send your solo play and lovemaking into overdrive.
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