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Every week at, you’ll find up to ten new release Adult DVDs featuring all the stars that are HOT right now! Look out for titles from the world’s biggest and best studios including Private, Evil Empire, Digital Playground, TitanMen, Vivid, Daring and more! Browse the Sex DVD sections below to find exactly what hits your spot and enjoy every second of the steamy, raw sex action you know you want!

But of course, there are almost as many different kinds of adult erotica as there are people in the world, so how do you go about choosing the best among the rest?

A good place to start is by reading through our customer recommendations and reviews. We receive regular feedback from our customers as to what they like and dislike about a particular title and often they go as far as to rate our movies by giving them stars! Our Editor also makes recommendations from time to time, and often suggests her top picks for scene selection and sexy starlets. Our Ed should know too – she's been researching porn for years (and what fun research it is)!

Secondly you need to think about what really floats your boat. As the adult porn DVDs available on our website are rated X18+, they all contain sexually explicit material however the intensity of that sex can vary from category to category. Think about whether you want to see some foreplay or if you want your saucy starlets to simply get down and dirty with no holds barred... Do you want to watch a movie with a storyline and plot or are you simply seeking an uninterrupted hardcore fuck-fest... Do you have a particular fetish or fantasy that really tickles your pickle... Do you like your performers with natural bodies or would you rather revel in the fantasy bodies of porn stars... Do you want to feel like you're in on the action or would you prefer to be more of a voyeur...

Whether you're venturing into the world of adult film for the first time or you're a skin flick veteran, the dazzling array of adult erotica available these days can be a little overwhelming. Never fear though, here at we've put together a comprehensive guide to the main categories our adult flicks fall into to help you find what you're looking for:

Finally, when buying adult erotica, be patient! Sometimes it can take a while to find the genre and title that's right for you. Just remember to have some fun exploring the many categories we have on offer though, and don't hesitate to use your fast forward button!

Choosing female friendly erotica
Playing with porn as a couple can sometimes be confronting for both him AND her! When indulging in porn together, our best advice is to see it for what it is; a visual turn on and an accessory to your lovemaking. If you prepare for this playtime together with a variety of adult erotica – some that she may like and others for your tastes alone – it's more likely you'll both get hot, watching and wanking together!

Whether you're venturing into the world of adult film for the first time or you're a skin flick veteran, the dazzling array of adult erotica available these days can be overwhelming. But if you're trying to convince your girlfriend to watch something racier than Sex and the City re-runs, read on...

Female friendly
Much of the feedback we receive here at about female friendly adult movies is that girls these days don't want your typical "porn" – skinny chicks with big boobs going for it! They want higher production values with sets and costumes, more story lines, less plastic, softer sex and realistic girls.

A survey of our customers has also revealed a developing trend that women are sick of their men disappearing to watch porn - they want to enjoy it too! Of course that means that porn needs to be produced to engage women, and more and more titles are being released with "couples appeal" for this reason.

When choosing adult erotica for the missus, movies with a female director can be a good place to start. Former adult star Celeste directs a lot of Digital Playground titles, including some major recent releases. Despite the fact that the majority of her titles fall within the "gonzo" category, her films typically have a playful, fun feel and she has a knack for choosing stars with good chemistry.

Sisters doing it for themselves
In fact there are a growing number of women in the adult film industry who are calling the shots from behind the camera. Some of them are offering up the standard mainstream stuff we've come to expect from porn, but others are working hard to create a different (female friendly) vision of sex and erotica. Directors such as Candida Royalle, Veronica Hart, Alexis Amore and Jill Kelly are all veterans in front of the camera, having starred in many, many adult films themselves in the 1970s and 80s.

Tristan Taormino is the award-winning author, columnist, editor, and sex educator responsible for the Vivid-Ed Expert series, including The Expert Guide to Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Anal Sex, the G-Spot and most recently, Positions. These titles are among the best instructional films on the market and, coupled with some very sexy examples, are guaranteed to teach you and your gal a few new tricks when it comes to getting down and dirty between the sheets!

Studios such as Digital Playground (run by female President Samantha Lewis) as another example have had great success providing a better sexual/porn experience for the female demographic. Ms Lewis has even been quoted as stating that approximately 40% of Digital Playground's business is women! Digital Playground has been responsible for many of our best sellers, including the Pirates franchise, Babysitters, Cheerleaders and Nurses. They also contract some of the hottest starlets in adult entertainment, including Jesse Jane, Stoya and Sophia Santi.

Keep it real
The majority of Vivid Entertainment Group titles are also engaging for women. This studio produces a range of adult flicks from all porn genres and showcases women of every shape and size. The 40 Inch Plus franchise is a good example, as a (female) customer recently remarked in her review of one of these titles on our website: "Finally a DVD that doesn't have skinny chicks with fake tits to make me feel insecure!"

Many of Vivid's recent Adult DVD releases are shot on film which means they're miles ahead of video and digital productions. Some also feature lavish costuming and storylines which revolve around sexual tension and the relationships developing between their characters. Generally women are less tolerant of the ‘contrived' situations featured in porn. More often than not, it seems as though the people having sex on the screen don't even like each other! The old 'in, out, shake it all about' may be good enough for you, but your girlfriend will likely respond better to characters that genuinely want each other. And while it's probably a bit naive to expect Oscar-winning performances from all our porn actors, trust us; a little sexual tension goes a long way!

Vivid is also responsible for some of the big budget remakes, like the 1970s classic Debbie Does Dallas Again which has a good story line and stars 'real' looking women (not Barbie dolls).

Obviously not all erotica designed to appeal to women has a storyline - but generally flicks directed by a female will typically show the girls genuinely enjoying themselves! Gianna Michaels is a good example of a starlet who appears to really enjoy her job, with the 'girl next door' look that usually appeals to women. Other famous adult actresses, such as Chloe and Belladonna, also have beautiful natural bodies and many of the titles they star in put the spotlight firmly on the woman being pleasured. Or your lady might like a movie featuring Sunny Leone for a refreshing alternative to the stereotypical porn star. Her breasts may be fake but at least the girl's got curves!

The popularity of this category comes from men and women wanting to watch a movie together which has a story rather than just ‘wham bam thank you mam! Couples-orientated erotica often includes 'rom-porn' featuring plots familiar to romance novels (think rich and passionate Mills & Boon romance crossed with the thrills and chills of vivid up-close-and-personal footage) – it's a win/win situation!

Many straight girls find their porn watching aspirations are stifled by the lack of hot male porn actors. Seeking out movies starring well-known hotties like Mr Marcus and sexy newcomer Jean Val Jean is guaranteed to please your lady. Unfortunately, you might have to negotiate on the musical soundtrack, although if the low-quality music in the majority of adult flicks drives your gal crazy, you could always turn down the volume and pop her favourite make-out CD on the stereo instead!

Inexplicably, it seems that gay porn actors are almost always handsome, but since most heterosexual couples don't get off on the Brokeback Mountain thing, you might want to try a movie from our Private movie collection instead. The majority of adult flicks out of this studio feature hot guys AND hot chicks having hot sex in some very exotic locations.

What floats her boat
Over our years of selling adult erotica however, we've found that you can't always make assumptions about what women want from an erotic film. Some gals will enjoy a traditional couple's flick with a well-developed plot and lots of foreplay, while others are simply seeking an uninterrupted hardcore bonk-fest. Some women want performers with natural bodies. Others revel in the fantasy bodies of porn stars. But while many people assume that it's the boys who mainly get off on watching porn, it's a fact that many women do too. So don't give up...

Just be sensitive to the fact that she might find your porn collection a little objectionable, even underwhelming in the arousal stakes. Some girls are concerned that the women in adult flicks are competition they have to live up to with you. They worry that you're comparing them to the hot and horny harlots in these films or that you'll expect them to behave like a porn star – which can create some serious performance pressure!

And at the end of the day remember that not everybody likes to watch porn, and no matter what you do you can't make them -- it isn't for everyone. However, by following the tips and tricks above you'll score plenty of brownie points introducing your femme fatale to the joys of adult movies and she may even surprise herself by finding some that she really likes!
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